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2023 Check-up survey

The 2023 Check-up survey is open from 21 August – 19 November. This is the second survey to measure implementation against the objectives and actions of the Building trust in the public record: managing information and data for government and community policy (released in 2021).

The survey must be completed via the online portal.

Download the 2023 survey questions:

A copy of the previous 2022 survey is available below under Previous Check-up surveys along with the Check-up 2022 whole-of-government summary report.

If you have any questions about the Check-up survey please contact the National Archives via

Any questions regarding accessing the online portal can be directed to ORIMA Research via

Check-up survey

Check-up is the National Archives of Australia’s information management survey. It is an online self-assessment tool designed to measure Australian Government agencies’ maturity and performance in managing their information assets (records, information and data).

The National Archives analyses the survey data to measure the whole-of-government information management maturity. The findings inform our report to the Minister.

Check-up is structured to align with the National Archives' Information Management Standard for Australian Government and the Building trust in the public record policy.

The survey is completed and coordinated by the person (or people) with responsibility for information management within an agency. It should be submitted by your Agency Head, unless there are exceptional circumstances, as agreed to by the National Archives.

The National Archives regards survey sign off by the recognised agency head as assurance that the survey has been completed accurately and accountably by the agency in accordance with governance responsibilities including the Public Governance Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

Previous Check-up surveys

For more information about the content of previous surveys, see:

Digital Continuity 2020 Policy (2015–2020) Report on implementation

The Digital Continuity 2020 policy (DOCX 413kB) was issued in 2015 with the aim for policy objectives to be implemented by December 2020. Under the policy, agencies were to integrate robust digital information management into all government business processes to support digital transformation, efficiency, innovation, information re-use and accountability.

The DC2020 Policy applied to all Australian Government entities, including government business enterprises. It covered government information, data and records in both digital and non-digital formats, as well as systems, services and processes.

The policy required agencies to meet targets around three principles:

  1. Information is valued
  2. Information is managed digitally
  3. Information, systems and processes are interoperable.

The policy recommended 10 actions that agencies could take and set a number of interim targets leading to implementation of the policy.

The DC2020 policy was superseded by the Building trust in the public record policy on 1 January 2021.

Download the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy report (DOCX 4MB).

More information

Contact the Agency Service Centre if you have questions about the survey or accessing your existing Check-up data.

The Check-up survey is available under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 (CC–BY-NC 4.0) licence.