International movement records

Do you need to provide proof of your arrival in, or departure from, Australia?

We may be able to help. The information on this page will tell you about what records we have, and how you can access them.

Do you have my record?

I arrived before 1 January 1973

If you arrived before 1 January 1973, you might be able to find your record yourself.

Go to the passenger arrivals index and search for your name and details. Here are some tips for searching the passenger arrivals index

If you are having difficulties, you can ask us for help

I arrived between 1 January 1973 and 31 December 1989

We may have your record in our collection. However, you will not be able to search for it yourself. We can help you find your record

I arrived after 31 December 1989

We do not have any records of people who arrived after 31 December 1989. 

You will need to get your details from the Department of Home Affairs.

Fill in this form on the Department of Home Affairs website

Get help finding your record

If you need help to find your record, you can fill in our enquiry form

We try to respond within 30 business days. If you need your record sooner, let us know. 

What information do you need?

The more information you can give us, the more easily we can help. Before you contact us, make sure you have your information ready.

It helps if you can tell us as much as you can of the following:

  • Your full name (given and family name). For example: Jane Smith.
  • The date and place of your arrival. For example: Sydney, 23 July 1955.
  • Where you left from, and when. For example: Cairo, May 1955.
  • The name of the ship or airline you travelled on. For example: the MV Nelly, QANTAS.