Building trust in the public record policy

The Building trust in the public record: managing information and data for government and community policy came into effect on 1 January 2021.

The policy identifies key requirements for managing Australian Government information assets (records, information and data).

It helps Australian Government agencies improve how they create, collect, manage and are able to use information assets.

The Australian Government relies on well managed information to better support, protect and serve the community. The policy complements and supports Australian Government agendas to:

  • digitally transform Australian Government services
  • protect Australian Government information assets
  • maximise the use and re-use of Australian Government information assets.

Read the Building trust in the public record policy.

Supporting advice

The National Archives will progressively develop and release supporting products and advice to help agencies implement the new policy. These will be released in accordance with a publicly available release schedule (PDF 244 KB).

We also encourage agencies to share with us any products or advice that may have broader application in support of the policy actions. Please email us at with your feedback and suggestions.

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