Disposal freezes and retention notices

Prominent or controversial issues and events or judicial proceedings may have implications for the management of records held by agencies.

In such cases, the National Archives may support compliance requirements or an identified need to suspend the National Archives' records destruction permissions by issuing a records disposal freeze or retention notice. Generally, these state that agencies must not destroy any relevant records.

An exception to the general withdrawal of destruction permissions may apply to the use of General Records Authority 31 (GRA 31) – Destruction of source or original records after digitisation, conversion or migration. This authority may continue to be applied to source or original records subject to a disposal freeze or retention notice, provided that the terms of the disposal freeze or retention notice do not specifically exclude application of this authority. The exclusions and conditions for the use of GRA 31 outlined in that authority remain in effect.

Current freezes and notices

There are current records retention notices on records related to:

There are current disposal freezes on records relating to:

Withdrawn freezes and notices

These disposal freezes and records retention notices are no longer in effect.

COVID-19 recordkeeping

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