Organisation chart

Our organisation chart shows how we structure our operations.

It shows the roles and responsibilities for the Director-General, assistant directors-general and section directors.

  • Director-General: David Fricker
    • Assistant Director-General, Access and Public Engagement: Louise Doyle
      • Director, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement
      • Director, Communications, Marketing, Partnerships and Events
      • Director, Declassification
      • Director, Digital Publishing Taskforce
      • Director, Public Programs
      • Director, Reference and Description Services
    • Assistant Director-General, Collection Management: Steven Fox
      • Director, Collection Operations
      • Director, Digitisation Services
      • Director, Government Information Policy
      • Director, Preservation
      • Director, National Network Coordination
    • Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Services: Ruth Fenwick
      • Director, Corporate Capability Development
      • Director, Corporate Governance and Risk
      • Director, Strategic Projects
      • Director, Digital Archives Innovation and Research
      • Director, Finance and Procurement
      • Director, People and Culture
      • Director, Property and Security
      • Director, Project Hub
    • Chief Information Officer, Data and Digital: Yaso Arumugam (CIO)
      • Director, Applications Integration
      • Director, Cyber Operations
      • Director, Cyber Security
      • Director, Emerging Technology and Business Engagement
      • Director, Government Records Assurance
      • Director, Information Governance
      • Director, Infrastructure and Technology Operations
      • Director, IAMS Project

Effective August 2021.

Download the organisation chart (PDF 98KB)

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