APS Employee Census

The National Archives 2019 Australian Public Service Employee census results are outlined in this highlights report (PDF).

The main observations from the National Archives census results include:

  • The National Archives employee engagement is consistent with the overall standard across all APS agencies.
  • 81% of our staff are proud to work at the National Archives.
  • National Archives staff from all backgrounds feel valued and respected at work, and are keen to contribute to the success of the agency.
  • Over 2018–19 our staff demonstrated a growing commitment to the purpose of the National Archives and to work colleagues in their teams.
  • This improvement is reflected in an 8% decline in unscheduled absences compared with the previous census. While this is a pleasing positive trend, we acknowledge that further work is required.
  • Significant changes over 2018–19, especially those due to budget constraints and a voluntary redundancy program, understandably caused anxiety around the processes and impact of change.
  • The three primary issues of concern for staff were the same as those identified in the previous census: risk, change management and internal communication.

The National Archives has seen many positive developments since the census took place, including the successful launch of our new website, a return to our national headquarters with a major refurbishment, and the opening of new exhibitions in our Canberra office and several state and territory offices.

One of the key innovation goals in our 2020 Strategic Plan is an increase in staff satisfaction, and we remain committed to that objective. We are in the process of examining options to directly engage staff to address areas of concern identified by the census. Our shared belief in the value of what we do will underpin a focus in the coming year on enhancing internal consultation, recognising innovation and improving staff wellbeing.