Out of this World: Australia in the Space Age learning resource

Out of This World: Australia in the Space Age is a National Archives of Australia touring exhibition. This exhibition delves into Australia's imaginative contributions and responses to space research and exploration between the 1950s and1970s. It features photographs, documents, and videos from the national archival collection.

Learn about the history of Woomera Rocket Range, see how futuristic architecture influenced Australia's Expo pavilion in 1970, and discover the story of Mr. Squiggle – 'the man from the moon'.

Out of This World is currently on tour until 2025. For tour dates and locations, visit the Out of this world page.

About the Out of This World Education Program

This learning resource is designed to enrich the exhibition experience for secondary students in Years 10, 11, and 12 visiting Out of This World: Australia in the Space Age. It is aligned to the Australian Curriculum for History, Civics and Citizenship, Science and Media Arts

The learning resource includes teachers' instructions, activities with opportunities for discussions, and 'The Great Space Race' scavenger hunt. Classroom activities for after your visit that expand upon the exhibition's themes and content have also been provided

Download the Resource

Out of this world (pdf 8MB)