3. Reduce areas of information management inefficiency and risk

Implementing the actions on this page will help your agency reduce areas of information management inefficiency and risk to ensure public resources are managed effectively. This is a requirement of the Building trust in the public record policy.

We have provided resources to help you meet each of the policy actions.

Actions and resources

Action 14: Transfer ‘retain as national archives’ information assets as soon as practicable, or within 15 years of creation, to the care of the National Archives

This is a mandatory action.


Action 15: Identify remaining analogue processes and plan for transformation to digital, based on business need


Action 16: Identify poorly performing legacy systems; address information management requirements when upgrading, migrating and/or decommissioning systems to meet business needs


Action 17: Sentence information assets regularly and promptly destroy information assets of temporary value when no longer needed


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