Developing an information management policy

An information management policy gives staff direction for creating, capturing and managing information to satisfy business, legal and stakeholder requirements. It also assigns responsibilities across the agency.

An information policy should be consistent with the principles, environment and directions described in your agency's information governance framework.

The policy:

  • sets out the expected information management practices, processes and systems that will support information being managed as an asset in your agency
  • explains the benefits of good information management
  • outlines roles and responsibilities
  • demonstrates commitment to meeting business, legislative and regulatory requirements
  • contributes to an environment that values the integrity and accessibility of the information to support the efficient delivery of business outcomes

When developing your information management policy, consider how it intersects with other strategic documents.

An information policy can be integrated with other policy and governance documents. It can also be influenced by the size and nature of your agency. A smaller agency may have an information and data management policy or an information and data governance framework with embedded policies.

Information management policy template

This policy template is a guide to the key aspects and components of an information management policy. Tailor it for your agency.



Date and version number


Explain why an information management policy is needed and the benefits of good practice. For example:

The purpose of this policy is to guide and direct the creation and management of information, and to clarify staff responsibilities. [The agency] is committed to establishing and maintaining information management practices that meet its business needs, accountability requirements and stakeholder expectations.
The benefit of complying with this policy will be trusted information that is well-described, stored in known locations and accessible to staff and clients when needed.
This policy is written within the context of [the agency's] information management framework, which is located at XXXX. Complementary policies and additional guidelines and procedures support this policy and are located at XXXX.

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