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The Check-up PLUS survey is available under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 (CC–BY-NC 4.0) licence.

Check-up PLUS is a survey designed to collect data on Australian Government agencies' information management capabilities and behaviours. It allows agencies to:

  • track their progress against a variety of best-practice information management behaviours
  • develop plans and undertake projects that progress their information and data management maturity
  • advise us of their 'Retain as national archives' (RNA) holdings and transfer plans
  • manage their contact details online

The National Archives analyses the survey data to gauge Australian Government agencies' digital information management maturity. The findings inform our annual report to the Minister as required under the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy.

In July 2018, the Check-up PLUS survey replaced the Check-up Digital survey and the triennial Survey of Information and Records Management Practices.

Agencies now complete the full survey every second year, and also answer a subset of core questions in alternate years. Each year we use the same tool, which automatically updates to provide the right version to agencies for submission.

Check-up PLUS survey

Check-up PLUS is structured to align with the National Archives' Information Management Standard. It is an online self-assessment tool designed to gauge Australian Government agencies' maturity and performance in information and data management.

For more information about the content of the surveys, see:

Digital Continuity 2020 Statement

In 2017, annual reporting requirements under the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy consisted of a short online survey, the 'Digital Continuity 2020 Statement'.

The survey comprised a number of brief statements designed to gauge agencies' progress against the Digital Continuity 2020 principles. It replaced the requirement for agencies to report against Check-up Digital.

Download the 2017 Digital Continuity Statement Whole-of-Government Snapshot (PDF, 200K).

More information

Contact the Agency Service Centre if you have questions about the survey or accessing your existing Check-up Digital data.