Submitting an access application online

You can submit an access application using RecordSearch for a record that is 'Not yet examined' or 'Closed'.

If an item is 'Open with exception' (and you would like the item to be re-examined) or it hasn't been entered onto RecordSearch, you can:

To submit an access application online:

  • Login to RecordSearch with your login name and password.
  • Once you have identified the item you want, select:
    • 'Issue to research centre' if you want to view the item in the research centre
    • 'Request copy' if you want to buy an online copy of the item
  • If the item is 'Not yet examined' or 'Closed', the next screen will explain that the item will be examined for sensitivities before being made available.
  • To have the item examined, select 'Submit an access application'.
  • When you submit an application you will get an on-screen message. We will also send you a confirmation email.
  • You can also go to My Account > My applications in RecordSearch to view the details of your applications. You can also cancel applications.
  • Select 'Back to Item details' to return to the Item details screen in RecordSearch.

Under the legislation, we must notify you of a decision within 90 business days of your application, or within the extended consideration period as notified.