Workplace Diversity Program 2017-20

Foreword from the Director-General

I am pleased to present the National Archives of Australia's Workplace Diversity Program 2017-2020 (the Program).

At the Archives we are in a unique positon to support diversity in our service delivery and workplace culture. This is due to the nature of our collection and our role in preserving significant records of the Australian Government.

Under the 2017-2020 Corporate Plan we have set our purpose to promote, interpret and make available the archival resources of the Commonwealth. The records and information managed by the Archives form the collective memory of the nation. They are valued and accessed by a wide range of users to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of Australia's heritage, democracy and place in the world. Our collection contains invaluable information about the history of our society such as immigration records and the records of the administration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs during the twentieth century.

As such we are committed to taking our responsibilities seriously in making our collection available to all people to allow access to their personal history and our nation's history while ensuring our workplace is inclusive of the society we live in. The Program serves to document and measure our progress and provides a clear message to all employees about the importance and relevance of workplace diversity and inclusion practises. The Program also aims to celebrate the existing diversity in the Archives workplace and ensure employees demonstrate inclusive behaviours as required by the APS and Archives Values.

Australian Public Service (APS) agencies are facing challenges in maintaining and building capable workforces and workplace diversity will remain a high priority. The employment of people from Indigenous backgrounds or people who are living with a disability continues to remain a key priority of the Government detailed in the Commonwealth Indigenous Employment Strategy and the As One Strategy to improve employment for people living with a disability. The Program ensures we are incorporating these two important strategies through clear actions that will provide a measurable change.

We all have responsibilities in relation to workplace diversity, and I recommend that you all familiarise yourself with the Workplace Diversity Program, and your responsibilities under it. Together, we can continue working towards making the Archives a successfully diverse and tolerant workplace.

Signature of David Fricker Director-General National Archives of Australia from 2012

David Fricker

16 November 2017

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