Gifts accepted by the Director-General

The following table lists any gifts or benefits valued above $100 (excluding GST) that I have accepted in the course of my duties as Director-General of the National Archives of Australia, dating back to 18 October 2019.

— David Fricker, Director-General

Date received

Date recorded

Item / benefit / service

Received by

Presented by


Estimated value in $A




Small oryx statuette – by Gold Line Italia

David Fricker, Director-General

National Archives of the United Arab Emirates

In recognition for presiding over the annual conference of the International Council on Archives, Adelaide

Recording estimated value of gift may cause offence to organisation or country

Retained as display material



2 tickets to Qantas Australian National Tourism Awards on Friday 6 March 2020

David Fricker, Director-General, and spouse

Qantas Airways Limited

National Tourism Awards ceremony


Accepted by Director-General and spouse to attend the event

This register was updated on 3 March 2019.

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