Systems that manage information

Your agency should have business systems that create and manage digital information, and can capture information about records.

Examples of systems include:

  • business systems that create, keep and manage business information, such as finance systems, personnel systems, workflow systems
  • electronic document and records management systems
  • network drives
  • physical management systems
  • shared systems between government agencies

Any systems that manage information and records need to ensure that the contents:

  • can be proven to be genuine, accurate and trusted
  • are complete and unaltered
  • are findable and readable
  • are secure from unauthorised access, alteration and deletion
  • relate to other relevant records

Improving business system capability

Before your agency purchases a system or reviews existing systems, you should consider your information and records management requirements.

The Business System Assessment Framework provides Australian Government agencies with a consistent, streamlined and risk-based approach to the assessment of information management functionality in business systems and compliance with metadata standards. It is based on Part 3 of International standard ISO16175 – Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments, which contains an expanded list of functional requirements for business systems.

The Business System Assessment Framework will enable your agency to better manage its business information through:

  • assessing information and data risks and values
  • identifying the systems functionality required to manage information and data appropriately
  • providing solutions to address gaps in a system's ability to manage information and data, and
  • ensuring greater accountability and transparency.

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