Our e-learning products help build digital information and records management knowledge and capabilities across the Australian Government.

These videos and modules offer a flexible, efficient and cost effective way to deliver training. The modules include interactive questions to enhance learning. 


Information Matters

Learn to recognise business information, understand why information matters and your responsibilities in managing it.

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Meta. . .What? Metadata

Understand the importance of metadata in your day to day work.

Topics include:

  • using metadata to describe, use, find and manage information
  • using metadata to support interoperability and information sharing

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Managing Email

Discover the benefits and some basic tips for effectively managing your business email:

  • understand the value of email to your agency's business
  • decide which email you need to keep
  • correctly save and title email
  • use email as reliable evidence of decisions and approvals

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What's in a name?

Use these three rules when creating file titles and outlines to make them more easily found.

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Keep the knowledge – make a record

Keep the knowledge – make a record is a training package developed by the National Archives of Australia to assist all Australian Government employees, contractors and consultants to understand their records management responsibilities.

The module is dated but still contains relevant foundation information to:

  • identify what a record is
  • recognise why records matter
  • understand records management responsibilities
  • decide when to make or keep a record
  • understand where records should be kept

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Important note about copyright

Copyright of the Keep the Knowledge training package, including the Geoff Pryor cartoons, rests with the Commonwealth of Australia. The Archives administers that property and Australian Government (Commonwealth) agencies are authorised to use, adapt or modify the Keep the Knowledge slide show and presenter's guide subject to certain conditions in use. All other use of Keep the Knowledge is governed by the Copyright Act 1968.

Conditions of use

The e-learning modules are provided on the basis that:

  • copyright of the e-learning modules rests with the Commonwealth of Australia, administered by the National Archives of Australia
  • the National Archives is clearly attributed for the use of the e-learning source files and associated content, including modified versions
  • the e-learning modules will not be used for any commercial purpose or any purpose other than information and records management training within your agency
  • the National Archives cannot provide any technical support for the installation or use of the source files of e-learning modules
  • be aware some changes in legislation have not been updated.
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