Developing a records authority

The process of developing a records authority for your agency is a collaborative one. Your agency will work with the National Archives to produce a records authority that meets the business needs of your agency while ensuring that the wider interests of the Australian Government, the National Archives and the community are served.

The records authority process

Developing a records authority is a practical and flexible process which allows your agency to focus on information and records from one or several business areas.

The records authority process is:

  • an opportunity for dealing with information and records that may be creating storage problems or generating costs
  • able to provide a better understanding of your agency and the context in which it operates, including the risks associated with the core business and stakeholder interests
  • compliant with the standard AS ISO 15489-2002 records management standard.

Applying for a records authority is a one-step submission that identifies your agency's core business or businesses. It uses risk analysis to guide your agency's research and to identify retention requirements, and is supported by National Archives implementation advice.

The information for this submission can be gathered and collated from a range of sources, including legislation, annual reports, existing business analysis, interviews with staff and records surveys.

Before you start the process it is recommended that you contact us to discuss your submission and obtain an information pack.

There are six phases to developing the records authority process:

COVID-19 recordkeeping

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