Training resources

Establishing and updating record, information and data management skills is an essential part of professional development for all Australian Government employees.

Our training resources are a flexible and cost-effective way of making sure you deliver fundamental information management practices in any Australian Government role.

They can also help agencies implement the implement the Building trust in the public record policy by: 

  • building internal skills for information management practice (action 6)
  • developing or updating strategies that support information management (action 12)
  • creating digital information assets in sustainable formats (action 13). 

Digital preservation skills program 

We offer a suite of e-learning modules to:

  • help inform agencies' digital preservation strategies
  • increase all Australian Government employees' awareness of, and skills in, digital preservation.

Our digital preservation skills program is available via Learnhub. If you would like to access the program, contact your local Learnhub administrator.

If your agency does not use Learnhub, please contact our Agency Service Centre.

Introductory resources

New to information management or need to brush up on the basics? 

These introductory videos and learning resources will help you understand key concepts and practices.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about our introductory training, please contact us.