Systems that manage information

Your agency should have business systems that create and manage information assets, and can capture information about records.

Examples of systems include:

Any systems that manage information and records need to ensure that the contents:

  • can be proven to be genuine, accurate and trusted
  • are complete and unaltered
  • are findable and readable
  • are secure from unauthorised access, alteration and deletion
  • relate to other relevant records

Improving business system capability

Before your agency purchases a system or reviews existing systems, you should consider your information and records management requirements.

The Business System Assessment Framework provides Australian Government agencies with a consistent, streamlined and risk-based approach to the assessment of information management functionality in business systems and compliance with metadata standards. It is consistent with Part 1 of International standard AS/NZS ISO 16175, Processes and functional requirements for software for managing records.

The Business System Assessment Framework will enable your agency to better manage its business information through:

  • assessing information and data risks and values
  • identifying the systems functionality required to manage information and data appropriately
  • providing solutions to address gaps in a system's ability to manage information and data, and
  • ensuring greater accountability and transparency.

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