Australian Governments' Interactive Functions Thesaurus (AGIFT)

In June 2021 the National Archives temporarily decommissioned the machine readable version of AGIFT. We are working on a new platform which will enable the National Archives to better maintain, review and develop AGIFT. The Australian Research Data Commons has kindly agreed to host a version of AGIFT on their platform. 

A functions thesaurus is a controlled alphabetic list of terms presented as a hierarchy.

A functions thesaurus:

  • covers terminology related to Australian Government agencies’ unique or core business functions and activities
  • can provide classification to 3 or 4 levels, allowing for comprehensive business information classification

There are 2 functions thesauri available to Australian Government agencies:

  • Keyword AAA
  • Australian Governments' Interactive Functions Thesaurus (AGIFT)

Keyword AAA thesaurus

The State Records Authority of NSW created Keyword AAA as a general terms thesaurus. It includes terms for functions and activities common to many organisations.

Most of the terms for common administrative functions in AFDA Express Version 2 are based on the Keyword AAA classification scheme.

Australian Governments' Interactive Functions Thesaurus (AGIFT)

Australian Governments' Interactive Functions Thesaurus (AGIFT) is a classification tool used to help with the discovery of resources.

AGIFT describes the high-level business functions carried out across Commonwealth, state and local governments in Australia.

AGIFT contributes to the discovery of online government information and services by:

  • providing standard terms for government agencies to use in the 'Function' element of the AGLS metadata element set
  • helping users search government entry points when they are not sure about which terms to use or which level of government is responsible for the information or service they require
  • providing a framework for government agencies to develop a more detailed agency-based functional thesaurus for their own classification needs