The minimum metadata set is a practical application of the Australian Government Recordkeeping Metadata Standard 2.2 (AGRkMS) which:

  • identifies metadata properties essential for agency management of business information or transfer to the Archives and other agencies
  • facilitates metadata implementation and information use in agencies.

The minimum metadata set can be used to support the requirements of the Building trust in the public record policy by:

  • ensuring business systems meet functional and minimum metadata requirements for information management (action 10)
  • assessing interoperability maturity, identifying gaps and planning to address them (action 11).

The minimum metadata set identifies nine properties required for the efficient and effective management of your business information, regardless of what it is and where it is held.

The set is cumulative, with the Core properties applying to all systems, the Additional properties added for systems which hold and manage higher value and longer-term business information assets, and the Transfer properties added to complete the set for systems holding business information assets of archival value.

Any relevant property in the minimum metadata set should be used when required for business purposes. For example, you may create relatively low value but sensitive information needed for a short time (Core). In this case you would also apply a Protective Marking (from the Additional set).

Building trust in the public record - Minimum metadata set