Introduction to the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy

The Digital Continuity 2020 Policy (DC2020) is a whole-of-government approach to digital information governance. It complements the Australian Government's digital transformation agenda.

The policy aims to integrate robust digital information management into all government business processes. This will enable greater:

  • efficiency
  • innovation
  • interoperability
  • information re-use
  • accountability

DC2020 helps agencies integrate information governance principles into their work practices.

DC2020 principles

The DC2020 Policy has 3 principles:

DC2020 targets

Each of the 3 principles in the DC2020 Policy has implementation targets and pathways for agencies which set due dates for the key actions needed. Learn more about these targets and pathways:


The National Archives reports annually on the progress of implementing digital continuity in the Australian Government.

Digital Transition Policy

The Digital Transition Policy was designed to guide Australian Government agencies in their move to digital information and records management.

DC2020 builds on the Digital Transition Policy.

Find out about the scope and the requirements of this policy:

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