Information management and data capabilities

Information management and data capabilities outline the skills and knowledge that employees and their organisations need to create and manage information assets (records, information and data) effectively to meet business and accountability requirements.

The Building trust in the public record policy recommends that agencies identify staff capability gaps in information management, in particular for staff with specialist information management roles, and plan to address them (action 6).

The capabilities are provided for two main roles:

Within each role the capabilities are mapped to four levels to assist with the identification of appropriate skills for each level:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner / skilled operational
  • Management / specialist
  • Executive / lead

The allocation of responsibilities and capabilities required for certain roles and levels may vary in different organisations, so the capability levels should be adapted to reflect the business needs and size of your organisation. It is assumed that higher level roles have the knowledge and understanding to manage lower level roles.

These capabilities can be used in conjunction with:

The information management and data capabilities align with the 'Information Governance and Knowledge' job function in the Australian Public Service Job Family Model 2017.

Who can use these capabilities?

Individual employees can use the capabilities to:

  • better understand their information management responsibilities and role
  • create learning pathways for career progression and development
  • identify skills and knowledge gaps to identify opportunities to upskill and better meet the challenges of managing information and data in their current position
  • gain promotions or transition to other information or data related fields.

Organisations can use the capabilities to establish:

  • information and data training and awareness programs
  • continuing professional development (CPD) programs for information and data employees to help them achieve professional recognition
  • position descriptions and selection documentation
  • performance management expectations
  • succession plans and learning pathways.

Professional bodies can provide relevant CPD opportunities, certification or professional recognition.

View the capabilities

Explore the capabilities for all staff or information management professionals.

You can also download all capabilities as a PDF (261 KB).

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