Responsibilities of the National Archives and Australian Government Agencies

In the Australian Government context, both agencies and the National Archives have responsibilities for ensuring that records and information are properly managed. This is supported by the Government's legislative framework.

The Archives and agencies have the following roles and responsibilities in records and information management:

The National Archives:

  • develops records management policies and standards for the Australian Government
  • provides records management advice, guidance and training to agencies
  • authorises the retention and destruction of Commonwealth records by issuing records authorities
  • stores, protects and makes accessible records of enduring significance which are identified as archival resources of the Commonwealth and selected for retention as 'national archives'.


  • create and maintain full and accurate records of their business
  • develop and implement agency specific information and records management policies and procedures
  • establish clear lines of responsibility for records management and ensure that staff are trained to carry out their records management responsibilities
  • work in consultation with the National Archives to develop Records Authorities
  • provide adequate resources for records management activities.

We work with a range of government agencies towards the common goals of achieving full, accurate and secure information and records. These agencies include: