Creating records

Information is created every time someone in your agency writes an email, drafts a brief, writes a report or records minutes, adds data to a spread sheet, makes a film or sound recording or takes a photo.

This information is created as part of a specific business process, and needs to be managed so that it can be searched, shared, reused and repurposed, and increasing its value to your agency. It needs to contain specific information to make them complete, accurate and reliable.

The information needs to reflect:

  • what happened, the order of events
  • what was decided or recommended
  • what advice or instruction was given
  • when it happened and who was involved

When should I create a record?

Knowing when to save and manage your business information and records involves understanding your business and the risks association with what you do:

  • knowing the requirements of legislation and your agency’s business including its policies, procedures and directives
  • using work process analysis to identify what records are needed to document business or work processes
  • assessing the risks associated with not creating a record or an action or event

Principle 2 of our Information Management Standard can help you understand how to create business information that is fit-for-purpose to effectively support business needs.

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