Copying charges


Prices are in AUD. Purchases made overseas are GST exclusive. Prices effective from 1 July 2019.

RecordSearch digitisation

An image of each page of the record is made available online for public viewing on RecordSearch.

Cost incl. GST

Cost ex. GST

Small paper file (typically up to 10 pages)



Small-medium paper file (typically 11 to 50 pages)



Standard paper file (typically 51 to 100 pages)



Large paper file (typically 101 to 400 pages)



Very large paper file (typically over 401 pages)

Quote provided

Quote provided

Please note: The small, small-medium, standard and large digitisation charges are based on the average size of files within a series (a group of related records), not on the number of pages within individual records. The relevant charge is then applied to all items within the series. The digitisation charge for a record is available in RecordSearch against the series registration.


Cost incl. GST

Cost ex. GST

Original item under A3

e.g. photographic film and prints

Provided at A4 400 ppi unless specified otherwise

Delivered via Secure File Transfer (SFT)



Original item over A3

e.g. maps and plans

Provided at 100% 400 ppi unless specified otherwise

Delivered  via Secure File Transfer (SFT)




Cost incl. GST

Cost ex. GST

Audio (mp3)



Video (mp4)



Film (mp4)



Film with separate audio track

$329.00 per set

$299.00 per set

Delivery via Secure File Transfer (SFT)

No charge

No charge

Delivery media (USB)




$9.70 (Registered)

$24.60 (Express)

$8.81 (Registered)

International postage - quote

As a guide each 8GB USB can hold 8.5 hours of mpeg4 footage or 150 hours of mp3 audio. We will endeavour to fit as many items as possible onto each USB, however large requests may require multiple USBs which will incur an added cost per media. This will be confirmed prior to payment.

Viewing audiovisual records in a research centre

The per item plus delivery media charges will also apply to view an audiovisual record in a research centre where an access copy does not already exist.



(incl. GST)


(ex. GST)

Certified true copy of up to 10 pages or cover of a multi-page file

(incl. postage)



Certified true copy of additional pages (per page, over 10pp)



Please note: It is your responsibility to determine whether a certified copy is required. The first page only will be stamped certified.

Photocopies (not whole files)

Cost incl. GST (per page)

B&W A4/A3


Colour A4/A3


Self-service printing from RecordSearch


Payment instructions

  • Prepayment is required for all copying services. Payment (in AUD) may be made by cheque, money order, EFTPOS or credit card. Please note: we do not accept cash payments in our research centres.
  • Order and pay online for copies of whole files listed on RecordSearch ( Please choose your purchases carefully and check your order details before making payment.
  • A tax invoice will be issued on request for amounts over $50.00. If you require a tax invoice please let us know when placing your order.


  • Prepayments on copies of collection material will not in general be refunded. If you have a concern about any payment you have made, please ask us a question.

Services free of charge

  • Entry to a research centre; inspection of original paper records and microform; application for reader card; use of finding aids, databases and equipment; assistance from staff; application for access to records or application for internal reconsideration of access decisions; request for copy quote.
  • Use of own camera to photograph records in a research centre, following completion of a permission to photograph records form.

Other things you should know

  • We will not copy records if this is likely to result in damage to the record.
  • Commercial, fee-based research services are not provided by the National Archives. If you require this service a list of private research agents with whom you may make private arrangements is available.
  • The National Archives will consider waiving or reducing charges in certain circumstances, including financial hardship and public interest, as set out in Regulation 13 of the Archives Regulations 2018. Reasons and supporting evidence are required with each request. Please note that requests are generally approved in very exceptional circumstances only.
  • Any copies you purchase are for your personal use. Copyright permission must be sought for further reproduction or publication.