Abbreviations used in First World War and Second World War service records

This is a list of the most common abbreviations used in First World War and Second World War service records held by the National Archives.

Abbreviation Definition
AAH Australian Auxiliary Hospital
AAMC Australian Army Medical Corps
AANS Australian Army Nursing Service
AASC Australian Army Service Corps
AB/Dvr Able Bodied Driver
ADBD Australian Divisional Base Depot
ADH Australian Dermatological Hospital
AFA Australian Field Artillery
AFC Australian Flying Corps
AGBD Australian General Base Depot
AGH Australian General Hospital
AIBD Australian Infantry Base Depot
AIF (1st AIF) Australian Imperial Force (WWI)
AIF (2nd AIF) Australian Imperial Force (WWII)
AL Rwy Australian Light Railway
AM Aircraft Mechanic
AMGBD Australian Machine Gun Base Depot
AMTS Australian Mechanical Transport Service
AN&MEF Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force
AOC Army Ordnance Corps
Arty Artillery
ASC Army Service Corps
ASH Australian Stationary Hospital also Australian Special Hospital
AVES Australian Veterinary Evacuating Station
AVH Australian Veterinary Hospital
AWL Absent without Leave
BEF British Expeditionary Force
Bde Brigade
BGROC Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
Bn Battalion
Bty Battery
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
Con Dep Convalescent Depot
Coy Company
Cpl Corporal
Cps Corps
Cpt Captain
Cyc Cyclist
DAC Division Ammunition Column also Division Artillery Column
DCM District Court Martial
DD Details Depot
Den Cps Dental Corps
Div Division
DSC Divisional Supply Column
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
EMM&B Coy Electrical and Mechanical Mining and Boring Company
Engrs Engineers
F Amb Field Ambulance
FAB Field Artillery Brigade
Far Farrier
FCE Field Company Engineers
FTD Full-time duty
GDD General Details Depot
GSR General Service Reinforcements
GSW Gun Shot Wound
HMAT His Majesty's Australian Transport
HS Hospital Ship
HT Hired Transport also Horsed Transport
ICC Imperial Camel Corps
Inf Infantry
LGROC Light Gauge Railway Operating Company
LH Bde Light Horse Brigade
LHFA Light Horse Field Ambulance
LHR Light Horse Regiment
LHRR Light Horse Reserve Regiment
LHTR Light Horse Training Regiment
LoC Lines of Communication
L/Cpl Lance Corporal
L/Sgt Lance Sergeant
Lt Lieutenant
M Vet Sec Mobile Veterinary Section
Maj Major
MD Military District
MEF Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (Gallipoli)
MG Coy/ Sqn Machine Gun Company/Squadron
M/I Marched In
M/0 Marched Out
MT/Dvr Mechanical Transport Driver
Mtd Reg Mounted Regiment
NYD Not Yet Determined/Diagnosed
PO Petty Officer (Navy)
Pnrs Pioneers
Pte Private
PUO Pyrexia (fever) of unknown origin
RAA Royal Australian Artillery
RAE Royal Australian Engineers
RANBT Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train
RBAA Reserve Brigade Australia Artillery
Regt Regiment
RMT Unit Remount Unit
RSD Railhead Supply Detachment
SAN Sect Sanitation Section
SB Siege Battery
Sig Signals
STS Sea Transport Staff
S/Smith or SS Shoeing Smith
Sgt Sergeant
Sjt Serjeant (variant of Sergeant)
Sqn Squadron
SW Shrapnel Wound
TMBty Trench Mortar Battery also LTMB, MTMB, HTMB (Light, Medium or Heavy Trench Mortar Battery)
TOS Taken on Strength
Tp Troop
Tun Coy Tunnelling Company
VDC Volunteer Defence Corps
Vet Sect Veterinary Section
Whr Wheeler