Army – Boer War: 1899–1902

The Boer War was fought between 1899 and 1902. It spans the pre- and post-Federation period. Therefore, records may be held by state government archives or by the National Archives.

Usually, colonial period records are held in state government archives. Post-Federation records are held by the National Archives. There may be exceptions to this.

What's in a Boer War dossier?

Boer War dossiers (series B4418) contain an attestation form. This lists personal details relating to servicemen who enlisted to serve in Commonwealth contingents in the Boer War in 1901-02.

Details include:

  • age and place of birth
  • nationality
  • occupation
  • marital status and next of kin
  • previous service in South Africa where applicable
  • address
  • religion
  • height and chest measurements
  • complexion, eye and hair colour and any distinctive marks
  • weight (in some cases)

Find and view a Boer War dossier online

Digital copies of Boer War service records already exist. You can find them on RecordSearch. Use the NameSearch tab to find an individual member. Use the 'help' tab for questions.

View an original record

You can view Boer War records in the National Archives Research Centre in the state or territory where they are held. Please submit a request to view records form or contact the relevant research centre.

Submit your request to view records at least 5 working days before you visit to ensure records will be available in our research centres.