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The National Archives of Australia has an extensive collection of images available to the media for publication.

If you use these images, you will need to credit the National Archives of Australia.

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Spy: Espionage in Australia

A Ticket to Paradise

Without Consent: Australia's past adoption practices

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2018

Indigenous Australians at War

A Place to Call Home? Migrant hostel memories

The Way of the Reformer: Gough Whitlam in his Century

Iconic Australian Houses: An Exhibition by Karen McCartney

Memory of a Nation 2009


Max Dupain on Assignment

Shell-shocked: Australia after Armistice

Stanley Melbourne Bruce: Prime Minister and Statesman

Strike a Pose

Design 29: Creating a Capital


Discovering Anzacs

Bonds of Sacrifice

Commonwealth Government Records about Tasmania

Montevideo Maru list


Larrakia petition facsimile gifting ceremony

Return of company records to Japan

National Archives Preservation Facility

Archival bonds with Indonesia set to 2019

Royal Commission on Intelligence and Security

If you use these images, please credit the National Archives of Australia.

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