Career development

We are committed to developing the capability and expertise of our workforce. We support our employees to pursue learning and development opportunities to meet the professional needs of both the organisation and the individual.

Leadership Development Program

Our Leadership Development Program enhances and supports the leadership capabilities of executive level employees to build an effective, efficient and positive leadership culture for current and future leaders.

The program includes:

  • online pre-course work
  • formal face to face training
  • engagement with SES leaders
  • work-based activities
  • online diagnostics
  • group coaching.

As a result of the Leadership Program training I feel better connected to staff across the organisation, more aware of my future training priorities and more confident about my abilities. I feel like National Archives is giving me every possible chance to succeed.

Rod, National Archives employee

Mentoring Scheme

Our Mentoring Scheme facilitates mentor to mentee connections across the agency to foster personal and professional growth. Mentors with relevant skills and extensive work experience offer their mentees professional development, career advice and extra support.

Mentoring can help employees and managers build their confidence, develop specific skills, and become more effective leaders.

Topics for mentoring vary and may include but are not limited to:

  • leadership and management skills
  • management styles and behaviours
  • delegation skills
  • performance management
  • resource or business planning
  • skill specific such as project management
  • career planning and advice.

Professional development

Our professional development calendar aims to develop and enhance the core corporate skills of our employees at all levels. It offers all employees learning and development opportunities for:

  • professional capability, such as communication, writing, and policy development skills

  • leadership and management

  • career development.

Studies Assistance Scheme

We offer generous financial and leave assistance for employees completing eligible study relevant to our business needs.

The National Archives’ studies assistance has provided me with an opportunity to manage my work-life balance while studying for my Master of Business Administration and working fulltime. It enables me to still spend time with my family. I am more confident about my abilities and understand the principles and practices of good management and leadership.

Cheryl, National Archives employee

On-the-job training

On-the-job training is a significant development activity that can present valuable learning opportunities and complement formal training activities. Employees and their managers are encouraged to consider both options when planning an employee’s training and development pathways.