Constitution Day forum

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Date & time

9 July 2022

5:30 to 7:30 pm


National Archives of Australia
National Office
Kings Avenue, Parkes ACT



The National Archives is the home of the Australian Constitution. This annual event is an opportunity to participate in discussions about constitutional issues confronting us today. The 2022 Forum invites Indigenous speakers to share their voices in a discussion about constitutional change and recognition.

In the last years, social upheaval, tragedy and achievement have prompted questions about the role of the Constitution in a modern and inclusive Australia.

ABC Radio National’s Big Ideas presenter Paul Barclay will be joined by an expert panel of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander speakers, including Thomas Mayor, Dr Hannah McGlade and Professor Megan Davis.

They will share their knowledge and experience to examine issues including constitutional recognition of Indigenous peoples and a Voice to Parliament.

Meet the speakers

Professor Megan Davis.

Professor Megan Davis

Cobble Cobble woman, activist and human rights lawyer known for her work in the United Nations and in the national debate on constitutional reform.

Portrait of Dr Hannah McGlade

Dr Hannah McGlade

Nyungar woman, human rights lawyer and academic who has advocated and published widely on many aspects of Aboriginal legal issues. 

Portrait of Thomas Mayor.

Thomas Mayor

Kaurareg, Kalkagal and Erubamle man, author and activist, who has played a key role in the people's movement for a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament. 

Special tours of our Voices/Dhuniai exhibition will be running from 10:30 am to 11 am and 2:30 pm to 3 pm the same day, Saturday 9 July.