Artist floor talk – Rosie Armstrong

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Date & time

23 May 2021

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm


National Archives of Australia
National Office
Kings Avenue, Parkes ACT



Enjoy our series of artist floor talks, presented as part of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize. Gain insight into the artist's thought processes, and how the works were created.

Rosie Armstrong's artwork A Requiem for Insects (laser cut and etched plywood, watercolour paint) was Highly Commended in the Emerging Artist category.

Artist Statement

Requiem for Insects discusses the current decline in insect populations across Australia and explores my concern about the extinction crisis. Insects are keystone species and critical to the health and integrity of our ecosystems. The species depicted are on the threatened species list or are declining in my local environment. The creation of each piece is an action of focusing attention on each insect as it slowly disintegrates and disappears from existence. The work is displayed as a collector’s box. These insects pinned to the wall ask whether in a hundred years these specimens will exist only in collections?