Our galleries

Our national office in Canberra has two permanent galleries showcasing stories from the collection: Connections and Voices.

We also host temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Visit our national office page to see what’s on.

Connections: archives, people, place

How did a pigeon save the life of a lighthouse keeper?

Do lesbians really have more fun?

Are potatoes a cure for all ills?

Our daily interactions with the Commonwealth generate the records that make up the National Archives’ collection. These records reflect surprising and important connections between Australians and their government and reveal stories that help us understand the history of our country and its people.

Discover intriguing stories from Australian history then choose your own exploration pathway on our interactive digital wall. There are hundreds of tales and hidden secrets to uncover.

Voices: Federation, democracy and the Constitution

Take a journey through the history of the Australian Constitution and the rights and freedoms it guarantees.

The Constitution provides the legal framework for how we live together as Australians. It’s also about the values and aspirations we share. So how was it written, and how can it be updated to reflect changing times and attitudes?

You’ll also learn about the troubled history of constitutional discrimination against First Australians and historical and ongoing attempts to create change.