Capabilities, skills and professional knowledge

Information and data management professionals in the Australian Government need to keep developing their skills and knowledge to deal with changes in the information and data landscape.

Digital Continuity 2020 Policy (DC2020) professionalism targets

As part of DC2020, the National Archives introduced interim pathway targets for agencies to support of their information practitioner's development.

Professionalism targets under DC2020 reinforce the need for qualified and skilled information and data professionals and an accountable and business-focused information and data management environment.

We recommend that support includes:

  • providing continuing professional development opportunities to gain qualifications
  • accreditation through professional associations
  • work in different areas of the organisation.

Information professionals need to have the opportunity to join professional organisations aligned with their role and responsibility. This gives them exposure to the latest in information and data management.

To further advance professionalism we have introduced the following interim target for DC2020:

31 December 2019 – Chief information governance officers (CIGOs) or senior officers responsible for information governance individually join a professional association to support their continuing professional development.

Meeting this interim target increases the exposure that chief information governance officers and senior officers have to the latest industry developments, including:

  • contemporary information and data management practice
  • innovations
  • technologies
  • courses
  • articles
  • papers
  • blogs.

Identifying information management capability

Our information management and data capabilities guide employees and their organisations through the skills and knowledge they need to manage information and data to meet business and accountability requirements.

Continuing professional development

Agencies need to support their information and data specialists' professional development to meet the challenges of digital continuity.

Support includes providing opportunities to:

  • join professional bodies
  • gain qualifications
  • work in different areas of the organisation or participate in cross agency projects.

Agencies can also help staff by providing opportunities for development and building them into workplace performance strategies.

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