Support and professional development

We offer support for your information and records management enquiries and ongoing professional development.

Agency Service Centre

If you work for an Australian Government agency and need help with your records management, please contact the National Archives' Agency Service Centre. Your enquiry will be answered within five working days of receipt.

GAIN Australia

The Government Agencies Information Network (GAIN) provides professional development and networking opportunities through online and face-to-face forums.

It includes information and records management updates from the National Archives and provides mechanisms for information management professionals across government to share their expertise and experiences.

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Capabilities, skills and professional knowledge

The information management profession is broad, dynamic and rapidly evolving through the digital transition.

Investing in the capabilities, skills and qualifications of staff ensures your valuable information assets are identified, managed efficiently and effectively and that business benefits are realised.

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Our e-learning products help build digital information and records management knowledge and capabilities.

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