Managing information on mobile devices

Records are created on mobile devices

Information created or received as part of Australian Government business are Commonwealth records. This includes emails, SMS, instant messaging and voicemails on mobile devices. To be accountable, your agency must also manage these types of records. 

Mobile device policy

Your agency should have a policy on the use of mobile devices including information on:

  • delineating official use from personal use
  • bring your own device (BYOD) protocol
  • identifying and capturing information in a records information system or other endorsed business system
  • what to keep or delete, in line with records authorities and normal administrative practice 
  • ensuring the security and privacy of information on mobile devices

The mobile device policy should be linked to, or included in, your agency's information management policy

The Australian Signals Directorate and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner have guidance on the security and privacy of information on mobile devices:

Policy 8: Sensitive and classified information establishes minimum protections for accessing, storing or communicating sensitive and security classified information on mobile devices.

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