Machinery of government changes

This seminar was the third in a series that has informed public servants of the appropriate processes and protocols to be observed during a Federal Election caretaker period and any following Machinery of Government changes. In conjunction with the National Archives of Australia, IPAA ACT secured speakers who discussed important issues during and following structural changes across Government portfolios. The topics discussed at this seminar were:

  • information and records management;
  • employment policies; and
  • financial appropriations.

Video: NAA and IPAA Machinery of Government changes in January 2015

  • Video 1: David Fricker, Director-General, National Archives of Australia, opening address
  • Video 2: Owen Livermore – Group Manager Employment Policy and Participation, Australian Public Service Commission.
    Using the Machinery of Government (MoG) Guide and the role of the Australian Public Service Commission during periods of MoG changes.
  • Video 3: Christine Johnston – Director, Agency Accountability, Government Information Assurance and Policy Branch, National Archives of Australia.
    Managing information, records and data during periods of Machinery of Government Changes (MoG).
  • Video 4: Anne McLean – Acting Assistant Director-General, Collection Management, National Archives of Australia.
    How the National Archives of Australia response to administrative change with regard to services provided to Australian Government agencies.
  • Video 5: Transfer of appropriations.
    Amber Ali – Acting Assistant Secretary, Department of Finance and Deregulation.
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