Jason McGuire

Jason McGuire is acting as Assistant Director-General Government Data and Policy at the National Archives of Australia. In this role his areas of responsibility include:

  • setting data and information management requirements for Australian Government agencies
  • identifying the most valuable data and information assets for long term retention
  • assessing the most valuable data and information assets for public release in accordance with the Archives Act 1983
  • leading the National Archives’ digital archiving capability through innovation and research
  • the National Archives offices in Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia, each of which provide a full range of services and representation of the National Archives in those states.

Jason has over 30 years’ experience working in Commonwealth and state government jurisdictions. He has held a number of senior roles responsible for the leadership and management of areas that provide innovative and enabling services, high-risk multi-government programs and projects, and information management policy development and implementation.

Jason joined the National Archives of Australia in August 2017 as Chief Financial Officer and acted in the Assistant Director-General Corporate Services role from January 2018 to July 2020. Since July, Jason has appreciated the opportunity to lead the newly created Government Data and Policy branch, acting as Assistant Director-General.

Jason has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Tasmania and is a Fellow of CPA Australia. 

Prior to joining the National Archives of Australia, Jason worked as Chief Financial Officer at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and was a key member of the Operational Search for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) project team for over 3 years. Jason has also worked in a number of corporate financial and resource management roles at the Department of Parliamentary Services and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

Prior to joining the Commonwealth government in 2007, Jason held a number of corporate financial and resource management roles within the Tasmanian Government, at the Department of Education, Department of Premier and Cabinet, and the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Jason is a strong believer that an organisation needs to manage its resources in the most efficient, effective and ethical manner. Jason is also a strong believer that government information, whether digital or non-digital, is kept, maintained, and preserved, so that this information can be made available for current and future generations.