Ezio Luisini, timber worker

Ezio Luisini, a timber worker living in Western Australia, was one of many Italian migrants forced into hiding in the months before the Armistice to avoid repatriation to Italy. From mid-1917, the Australian government had co-operated with the Italian Consul to identify eligible men across the country who could be forced to serve in the Italian army. Ezio, who felt no loyalty to either country, escaped the fate of the hundreds deported to bolster the Allied forces. In November 1918 he came out of hiding and safely recommenced work. Hoping for peace yet struggling with his contradictory identity, he became well-regarded for assisting other Italian migrants.

Ezio on his wedding day.

Ezio Luisini (1891–1964), 1921.
The National Trust of Western Australia

paper document

This 'alien resident' registration form records that, two days after the Armistice, Ezio presented himself at the Manjimup police station, where he completed the mandatory registration as a district employee.