Eliazar Margolin

Eliazar Margolin, soldier

Major Eliazar Margolin, a Russian-born immigrant living in Western Australia, was one of several hundred Jewish-Australian enlistees in the AIF. In March 1918, the decorated yet badly wounded officer sought an early discharge. He was determined to embark on a new phase of his military career defending his loyalty to Palestine, his childhood homeland. Eliazar's resignation enabled his command of the Jewish Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers, a volunteer legion formed by the British to fight in Palestine. In September 1918 he joined the offensive against Turkish forces in the Middle-East, becoming a celebrated hero. After the Armistice, he returned to Australia in 1921.

Eliazar Margolin in uniform.

Eliazar Margolin (1875–1944), c. 1919–24.
PHO\1390255, Central Zionist Archive

paper document

This March 1918 document summarises British War Office and AIF Headquarters' negotiations over the unusual circumstances of Eliazar's resignation. He was appointed to the British Army 'as from the day following'.