Stanley Fowler, photographer

Private Stanley Fowler, a labourer and sometime artist from Melbourne, was severely wounded during his service and discharged from the AIF in May 1917. Suffering chronic pain and half-blind, Stanley accessed intensive medical assistance in England before deciding to return to Melbourne in October 1918. He was determined that his injuries would not prevent him from enjoying a meaningful career. For the next 40 years, Stanley took full advantage of the support offered by the Department of Repatriation. He received physical aids and medical and physiotherapy treatment that enabled him to excel in a creative career as a fisheries researcher and government photographic surveyor.

Stanley Fowler (1895–1961) in Dunalley, Tasmania 1937.
NAA: A14435, LA18/17

paper document

This Department of Repatriation record summarises the treatment of Stanley's injuries. Despite an October 1918 prediction of a 'sedentary' career, Stanley succeeded in an occupation more active than most.
NAA: M12290 PART 1, p. 263