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Check-up Digital

A tool for gauging your agency's digital information and records maturity.

Normal administrative practice

Conditions under which you may dispose of many records.

Getting started

If you are new to working in information and records management and helping other agency staff with these matters, the amount you need to know can seem overwhelming. The National Archives is here to help you.

Explore the website

Our website is a great place to get an overview of what records management is all about and what your agency needs to have in place. It is organised into broad tasks related to records management:

  • Records management – find out what a record is, why you need to manage records, and what policies and procedures your agency needs to ensure it meets its obligations in relation to government records management.
  • Digital records – what you need to know about creating and managing your digital records.
  • Create, capture and describe – when staff in your agency need to make a record, where to put it and how it should be described (including metadata standards such as AGLS).
  • Keep, destroy or transfer – how long to keep records, and how to destroy or transfer them. This section includes information about accountable destruction of records, how to get a records authority, how to sentence a record using an authority, how to transfer records between agencies or, if the government is privatising aspects of your core business, how to transfer relevant records.
  • Secure, store and preserve – how to secure, store and preserve your records, both physical and digital.
  • Access – how to make sure your records are findable and readable for as long as they are required. This section contains information on different ways to access records held by the National Archives as well as advice on how to track records within your agency.

Create a benchmark

If you are new to leading records management in your agency, and you are not sure where to begin, start with an assessment of how things are at the moment. Check that your agency is meeting the minimum requirements.

Take a look at the standard and other publications

For an overview of best practice records management you should familiarise yourself with the AS ISO 15489 Records Management Standard and related Australian and international standards. Other standards, manuals and guidelines are available under Publications and tools.

Take some training

You may also wish to attend an information and records management training course or take part in one of the Digital Edge workshops on topical issues in digital information management.

Information about all training courses and Digital Edge workshops can be found on our training and events calendar.

Got a specific question or need more help?

If you work for an Australian Government agency and you have any questions about records management matters, you can contact the Agency Service Centre.

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