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Effective information and records management depends on having both the technical and human resources to do the job. The National Archives of Australia supports development in information and records management capability by offering a range of training programs and resources.

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Digital Edge workshops

Interactive and dynamic half-day workshops on topical issues in digital information management.

Training courses

The Archives offers the following face-to-face training courses.

eLearning modules

In November 2014, the Archives launched two new eLearning modules to help build digital information and records management capabilities across Australian Government.

The modules represent a flexible, efficient and cost effective way to build records and information management knowledge and capabilities across your agency.

They also help protect your agency from the risk of illegal destruction of information or from information being mismanaged in other ways. Your staff will also gain confidence about what they can legally destroy, helping to reduce information clogging up your systems.

Keep it or delete it: making good choices about information

This module is for everyone who works for the Australian Government. It provides advice about the different types of business information agency staff and contractors can or can’t destroy as part of their daily work.

Topics covered include:

  • destroying Australian Government information legally and accountably
  • information you must keep
  • normal administrative practice
  • information and risk

Legal requirements: managing digital information and records

This module outlines some of the key legislation, policies and standards that influence how information and records are managed in the Australian Government today – especially the Archives Act, the FOI and Privacy Acts.

Topics covered include:

  • the Archives Act 1983
  • the FOI and Privacy Acts
  • the Electronic Transactions Act
  • Australian Government digital transition, technology and security policies

Other eLearning modules

Introduction to digital records

This module provides an introduction to digital information and records management concepts and is relevant for everyone who uses a computer as part of their work. It emphasises that all business information is a record and needs to be managed according to its value.

Topics covered include:

  • characteristics important to digital records
  • concepts of structured and unstructured information
  • concepts of digital transition and digital continuity
  • key legislation, standards and guidelines relating to digital records

Keep the knowledge – make a record

This module is part of a training package to assist all Australian Government employees, contractors and consultants to understand their records management responsibilities. It will help people to:

  • identify what is a record
  • recognise why records matter
  • decide when to make or keep a record
  • understand where records should be kept in an agency.

This module is part of the free Keep the knowledge – make a record training package.

How to access the eLearning modules

The Keep the knowledge – make a record module is still freely available through the link above, and there will be a small cost per person for each of the other three modules. It's a sliding scale and the cost per head will depend on the number of people in your agency who will be accessing the module.

Access can be provided in different ways to suit your agency:

  • through our learning management system for a small number of users
  • through your learning management system, or
  • through your intranet

We’re happy to discuss these options with you on a case by case basis.

If you would like to view the eLearning modules, request a quote or discuss options for access please contact

Professional events

Government Agencies Information Network or GAIN Australia is a national network supporting agency information and records professionals in the Australian Government. It organises face-to-face and online forums which are aimed at chief information officers, senior managers with information and records management responsibilities and information and records managers from Australian Government agencies.

GAIN Australia (Government Australia Information Network) Forums

Education and professional development

Information and records managers can build, maintain and enhance their capability through vocational or academic studies and participation in professional development activities.

Qualifications, skills and knowledge

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