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Our national magazine Memento contains fascinating finds from our collection, the latest recordkeeping products, news and a look at what’s happening at the National Archives.

Number 38, 2010


Australia’s forgotten Prime Minister

Behind the enigma of Stanley Melbourne Bruce is a visionary who made lasting contributions to Australia and the international scene.


British decision shocks Australia

Britain’s efforts to join the European Economic Community in the early 1960s caused a rift in Anglo-Australian relations.


Ladies and bagpipes: the ‘world’s greatest novelty’

In 1925 the Australian Scottish Ladies Pipe Band overcame the prejudices of the day to embark on a successful two-year world tour.


Unsung healers: Anzacs and their family carers

Many families were left to care for their sons, brothers and husbands who came home physically or mentally damaged after World War I.


Aussie lad or Chinese scholar?

The Commonwealth took Australian-born Jimmie Minahan to the High Court to try and keep him out of his country of birth. After he won the right to remain in Australia, he disappeared from the records.


Nurturing Australian film talents

Some of Australia’s best known film talents got their start in the 1970s with help from the federal government’s Experimental Film and Television Fund.


Orchestras spur demand for culture

When live broadcasts featured on Australian radio, the ABC sponsored and nurtured symphony orchestras across the nation.


What happened to our airmen?

Canberra man Alan Storr has tracked down the fate of Australian airmen who didn’t return from World War II.




Memento 38

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