Supporting continuing professional development

A visual representation of supporting IM Professionalism towards 2020: qualifications and training; experience; professional body membership and participation

Information professionals working in the Australian Government need to continually develop their skills and knowledge to effectively deal with today's dynamic digital environment. Agencies need to support their information specialists to update and maintain their skills, knowledge and experience to meet the challenges of digital continuity. Support can include providing opportunities to join professional bodies, gain qualifications and work in different areas of the organisation. Agencies can also help individuals consolidate their understanding and develop proficiency in their area of expertise by providing developmental opportunities and building them into workplace performance strategies.

Qualifications and training

Information specific qualifications range from competency based certificates to postgraduate awards. Training may be face-to-face or online, and can be formal or informal. Options include:

  • undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications in Information Management, IT or Data Management
  • courses and certificates in information management and technology
  • task and skills-oriented technical courses offered through registered training organisations (RTOs)
  • professional development through conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars and podcasts.

Professional body membership and participation

Individual membership of relevant professional associations provide opportunities for learning and accreditation through training courses, conferences, industry events and participation in online forums and discussion groups. In Australia, there are many associations and organisations that offer individuals opportunities for continuing professional development. Some of the professional associations Archives is in consultation with include:


For an individual, becoming an expert in information management is not an end state, it is a continuous pursuit toward mastering a particular specialty. Applying for recognition of prior learning, previous work experience or skills might fast-track completion of a nationally recognised qualification. Agencies can encourage and support the ongoing development of information practitioners by creating opportunities for:

Work related

  • undertaking research and contributing to information management projects, for example, developing policy, standards, training and other products, including Whole-of-Government initiatives
  • involvement in high-level policy projects or whole-of-Government initiatives
  • hands-on skills and practical application of theoretical knowledge
  • using a range of information management and technology tools
  • managing increasingly diverse and complex projects, including digital projects
  • providing information management related advice, guidance and training
  • building relationships at senior levels within the Australian Public Sector
  • mentoring others, sharing and disseminating knowledge and expertise
  • mobility across the Australian Public Sector, within State bodies or internationally.

Personal development

  • allowing time to keep up to date with what’s happening in the field of information and data management through reading, research and the development of professional networks
  • encouragement to build an awareness of new technology and systems and how they might apply within your agency context
  • opportunities to develop relationships and networks with information and data management practitioners outside of the Australian Public Sector, both in Australia and internationally.

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