Help with the eLearning module – Keep the knowledge


Within the HTML and Flash versions, two navigation areas exist. The first navigation area is located at the top of the page. The Home button provides access back to the home page. The second navigation area is located at the bottom right corner of the page. The Next and Previous buttons allow navigation throughout the module.

Each module will also have a Topics menu. This will display on the left hand side of the page. To navigate to a specific topic within a module, click on the corresponding topic heading in the Topics menu.

To exit from a module at any time, simply close the window.

Using the tab key

All menus and objects on the pages of the module can be navigated to using the Tab key. When an object is in focus, a small border will be visible around the object. Pressing the Enter key will activate the object.

Using shortcut keys

The following table outlines keyboard shortcuts for navigating in the Flash and HTML version of the eLearning module in Internet Explorer:

Access keys

Keyboard shortcuts

Menu item


Alt + H + Enter



Return to the home page

Alt + N + Enter



Go to next page

Alt + B + Enter



Go to previous page

Alt + P + Enter



Launch printable version of lesson


Note:In Internet Explorer 6, all these access keys are pressed simultaneously. In Internet Explorer 7, the first two keys in the combination are pressed and released before pressing the Enter key. If an access key combination does not work, press the Tab key and then enter the access key combination again. In Internet Explorer 9 and above, the access keys and keyboard shortcuts no longer function.

Changing your screen resolution

The optimal screen resolution for viewing the module is 1024x768 or above. The content can be viewed at lower resolutions (eg 800x600) however you may need to use scroll bars to see all the content. The following steps outline how to change your screen resolution in Windows:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, select Settings>Control Panel
  2. Double click on the Display icon
  3. The Display Properties dialogue box will display. Select the Settings tab
  4. Drag the Screen Resolution slider to a setting at least 1024x768 or above
  5. Click on Apply then click OK

Pop-up windows

When opening the eLearning module, your computer may show warning messages regarding 'pop-up' windows. This is a security feature of your computer. You need to enable the use of pop-up windows in order to view the modules. Depending on your computer setting, you may be prompted with one of the following warning messages:



To enable pop-up windows, click on the warning message. A context menu will display. Click on Temporarily Allow Pop-ups. Follow this procedure each time this warning displays.


To enable pop-up windows, click on the warning message. A context menu will display. Click on Allow Blocked Content... The Security Warning dialogue box will display. Click on OK.

Please note that the requirement to enable pop-ups may not apply if you are viewing the module from your intranet or learning management system.

Text-based version for improved accessibility

Thetext-based versionhas been designed to conform to accessibility requirements for people that use assistive technologies, such as JAWS screen reading software. Press Insert + Down Arrow to read each page.

Technical requirements

The Keep the Knowledge eLearning module has been designed and developed using W3C web standards. These standards provide interoperability across varied computer/IT environments.

The following sections outline the minimum hardware and software requirements for viewing the eLearning module.

Minimum system requirements

  • Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium 133MHz or greater
  • 32MB RAM or greater
  • 24 bit colour or greater
  • Screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater (600x800 can be used for the accessible version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+ or Mozilla Firefox 2+ (See 'Tested browsers' section below for a full list of compatible browsers)

Recommended system requirements

  • Adobe Flash Plug-in 7+
  • Adobe PDF Reader 5+

Note:Flash based interactive elements have been used throughout the module. If you do not have Flash, an option exists on the home page to select whether you wish to view a module containing Flash or a HTML (plain text) equivalent.

Tested browsers

The following table lists browsers which have been tested successfully with this eLearning module:



Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox






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