Records authority 2007/00032716

Date issued

12 December 2007


Original agency that the records authority was issued to

  • Repatriation Commission

AGIFT term(s)

  • Health Care

Records covered (core business)

  • Governance
  • Health care and support services
  • Hospital administration
  • Prosthetics services


To be used in conjunction with RAs 2004/00336830, 2007/00040405. These RAs supersede all previous RAs issued to the Repatriation Commission. Superseded RAs should not be used to sentence core business records except where there is a gap in disposal coverage in the above RAs and it is appropriate to apply the previously issued RAs. RA 2010/00705639 replaces classes 16443 and 16444. See also 2004/00336830, 2007/00040405, 2007/00404051 and 2010/00705639.

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