Records Authority 2010/00705639

Department of Veterans' Affairs
Medical, Hospital & Advocacy Case Files

25 November 2011

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The National Archives of Australia in conjunction with the Department of Veterans' Affairs have developed this Records Authority to identify records relating to Medical and Hospital Case Files (M, MB and H files) and associated Advocacy case files that need to be retained as national archives and gives the Department of Veterans' Affairs permission under the Archives Act 1983, for their transfer to the National Archives.

This Authority is based on the identification and analysis of the business of the Department of Veterans' Affairs. It takes into account the agency's legal and organisational records management requirements, and the interests of stakeholders, the agency and the National Archives of Australia.

As changes in circumstances may affect future records management requirements, the periodic review of this Authority is recommended. All amendments must be approved by the National Archives.

Application of this authority

  1. This Authority applies to records already created by the Repatriation Commission and the Department of Veterans' Affairs as described in the classes of this Authority.
  2. The following classes in Records Authority (RA) 2004/00336830 (Repatriation Commission – Benefits function) are superseded: Class 8630 - Appeals (Decisions), Class 8636 - Claims Registration; Class 8642 - Client Communication; Class 8648 - Data Matching Investigations; Class 8651 - Debt Recovery; Class 8654 - Eligibility Determination; Class 8659 - Entitlement Determination; Class 8670 - Implementation of Determination; Class 8676 - Policy Development and Administration; Class 8684 - Quality Assurance; and Class 8687 - Review of Determination.
  3. The following classes in RA 2007/00032716 (Repatriation Commission) are superseded: Class 16443 - Treatment (hospital); and Class 16444 - Treatment (hospital).
  4. This Authority is to be used to sentence records. Sentencing involves the examination of records in order to identify the individual disposal class to which they belong. This process enables sentencers to determine how long records need to be kept. Advice on sentencing is available from the National Archives.
  5. Where the method of recording information changes (for example from a manual system to an electronic system, or when information is migrated from one system to a new system) this authority can still be applied, providing the records document the same core business. The information must be accessible for the period of time prescribed in this Authority. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs will need to maintain continuing access to the information, including digital information, for the periods prescribed in this records authority or until the information is transferred into the custody of the National Archives.
  6. Records in the care of agencies should be appropriately stored, managed and preserved. Agencies need to meet this obligation to ensure that the records remain authentic and accessible over time. Under Section 31 of the Archives Act 1983, access arrangements are required for records that become available for public access including those records that remain in agency custody.
  7. Appropriate arrangements should be made with the National Archives when records are to be transferred into custody. The National Archives accepts for transfer only those records designated as national archives.
  8. Advice on how to use this Authority is available from the Department of Veterans' Affairs records manager. If there are problems with the application of the Authority that cannot be resolved, please contact the National Archives.

Contact information

For assistance with this authority or for advice on other recordkeeping matters, please contact National Archives' Agency Service Centre.

Queen Victoria Terrace
Parkes ACT 2600

PO Box 7425
Canberra Mail Centre ACT 2610



Person to whom notice of authorisation is given:

Ian Campbell PSM
Department of Veterans’ Affairs
GPO Box 9998
Canberra ACT 2601


Authorises arrangements for the disposal of records in accordance with Section 24(2)(b) of the Archives Act 1983.


Specific RNA core business records relating to:

  • Benefits (Medical M Files, MB Files & Advocacy Case Files); and
  • Hospital Case Files (H Files).

This authorisation gives permission for the transfer to the National Archives of Australia of the records described. The authority will apply only if these actions take place with the consent of the agency responsible for the business documented in the records.

Signature of Ross Gibbs, Director-General, National Archives of Australia, dated 25 November 2011

Ross Gibbs
National Archives of Australia



Records relating to determining eligibility for, and entitlement to, income support for veterans, war widows, war widowers, and dependants of veterans; of determining eligibility for compensation to veterans in recognition of the effects of war service; and of providing the determined entitlements. Includes processing applications for pensions, allowances, and other entitlements such as income support, disability compensation, and education schemes for veterans' children.

Also includes activities that assist and support persons making claims for eligibility and entitlements.

For information and advice specifically relating to claims under the agency's consideration that are not related to disability compensation claims, use RA 2004/00336830 Repatriation Commission - Benefits.

Class no Description of records Disposal action

Individual medical case files relating to the assessment and processing of veteran disability compensation claims (M Files) and widow/er or dependant entitlements (MB Files). Includes:

  • eligibility determination;
  • entitlement determination;
  • implementation of determination;
  • review of determination;
  • appeals and decisions;
  • claims registration;
  • client communication;
  • data matching investigations; and
  • debt recovery.

Also includes the development and interpretation of policy created specifically for an individual disability compensation client.

[For case files created prior to 1932 documenting the treatment of Boer War Veterans and dependants, use RA 2007/00404051, VETERANS’ AFFAIRS (BOER WAR) - Operational and Administrative Records].

Retain as national archives.

Advocacy case files appealing decisions about the eligibility for and entitlement to disability compensation. Includes:

  • appeal lodgement forms;
  • new evidence arising from the appeals process;
  • index of documents from reports of evidence compiled by the agency;
  • records documenting the withdrawal of an appeal;
  • reasons for decisions; and
  • outcome of the appeal.

[For advocacy files that contain only copies of documents used to make the determination under appeal and no new material presented in evidence, use RA 2004/336830 REPATRIATION COMMISSION - Benefits, class 8633].

Retain as national archives

Hospital Case Files (H Files)

The function of providing the eligible veteran community with access to health and support services that promote and maintain self-sufficiency, well-being and the quality of life. Includes acquisition of services through arrangements with health care providers and the contract management of those arrangements. Also includes research; grant funding for the provision of activities to help the veteran community remain healthy and independent; providing vocational rehabilitation programs to assist veterans to continue in, or find, employment; promoting healthy lifestyle awareness; providing education services to assist service providers meet the needs of the veteran community; and the management of transport arrangements for the veteran community to access health and hospital services.

For determining eligibility for disability compensation benefits, use Benefits – Class 21920.

For determining eligibility of other benefits, use RA 2004/336830, Benefits – Eligibility Determination.

For complaints or compliments regarding health and support services, use AFDA/AFDA Express - Community Relations.

Class no Description of records Disposal action

The activities associated with documenting individual treatment of veterans and dependants at DVA hospitals and other medical facilities such as sanatoriums.

Clinical treatment files relating to:

  • the treatment of veterans; and
  • the treatment of veterans’ dependants.

[For medical treatment records for veterans and dependants, use RA 2007/00032716, HEALTH CARE & SUPPORT SERVICES –Treatment (Medical).

For medical treatment of staff and civilians at healthcare facilities managed by the agency or its agents, use RA 2007/00032716, HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION – Treatment (civilians).

For case files created prior to 1932 documenting the treatment of Boer War Veterans and dependants, use RA 2007/00404051, VETERANS’ AFFAIRS (BOER WAR) - Operational and Administrative Records].

Date Range 1901-1997

Retain as national archives
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