AFDA Express Version 2

AFDA Express Version 2 is the current authorised version of the Administrative Functions Disposal Authority (AFDA). AFDA Express Version 2 supersedes previous versions of AFDA and AFDA Express from 1 July 2019. The superseded versions can no longer be used to sentence records.

AFDA Express Version 2 sets out requirements for keeping or destroying records of administrative business performed by most Australian Government agencies. This includes functions such as finance, human resources, procurement and publications management.

What has changed?

AFDA Express Version 2 combines and improves upon AFDA and AFDA Express by:

  • revising and rolling-up functions
  • addressing new retention and destruction requirements
  • improving discoverability
  • supporting streamlined sentencing of low value records by providing classes with shorter retention periods

A comprehensive index and a guide that maps old classes to new for each function will be available shortly.

Summary of major changes – outlines major differences between AFDA Express Version 2 and the 2010 versions of AFDA and AFDA Express. Download the summary: (pdf, 156kb)(doc, 24kb)

Using AFDA Express Version 2

To understand when AFDA Express Version 2 can be used to sentence a record, ask yourself, 'Is this something that only my agency does, or is it something that most agencies do?' If the record documents business that is unique to your agency, then you should use a more specific records authority developed for your agency. If the record documents an administrative function that many agencies perform, then AFDA Express is likely to apply.

There is no requirement to resentence records that have previously been sentenced using the 2010 versions of AFDA or AFDA Express, except where retention periods have increased in AFDA Express Version 2.

AFDA Express Version 2 in alternative formats

Each AFDA Express Version 2 function is available in the following formats:

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel spreadsheet (available shortly)
  • Plain text file with xml tags (available shortly).

The XML and Excel files are versions of AFDA Express Version 2 which may be useful for uploading into information systems. They contain information on the following for each disposal class:

  • function name
  • function scope note
  • function 'for' statements
  • activity name
  • activity scope note
  • activity 'for' statements
  • class description
  • class 'for' statements
  • disposal class number
  • class status
  • the disposal action.

They do not contain the full information which is available in the pdf/doc versions, including the introductory information. These files should be used in conjunction with the pdf/doc versions. We recommend that you quality check these versions when uploading.

Superseded versions of AFDA and AFDA Express

  • Administrative Functions Disposal Authority (AFDA) was issued March 2010 and superseded July 2019. (pdf, 6.6mB)(doc, 3.2mB)
  • AFDA 2010 – summary of amendments (pdf, 94kB)(doc, 31kB), for amendments that were made to the 2000 version
  • AFDA 2010 – superseded classes table (pdf, 108kB)(doc, 260kB), for a list of corresponding classes in the 2010 edition and advice on whether records need to be resentenced.
  • AFDA Express (2010, revised February 2013) was issued in March 2010 and superseded July 2019. (pdf, 3.7mB)(doc, 792kB)
  • AFDA Express Mapping Guide (pdf, 738kB)(doc, 912kB), this shows the relationships between AFDA and AFDA Express.
  • AFDA Express – Government Relations – RNA class 20267 replaced by RNA class 61224 on 7 February 2013. (pdf, 52kB)(doc, 28kB)
  • Administrative Functions Disposal Authority (AFDA) was issued in 2000 and superseded in March 2010. (pdf, 1.9mB)

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