Reviewing records authorities

Your agency’s records authority should be reviewed periodically to ensure they remain current for your agency's business.

The agency business may change over time and your records authority may not cover the business your agency has gained or lost. You may have to add functions and/or classes if there is no current records authority coverage for that business

Legislation may also impact your records authority resulting in a need to review and modify retention times.

If your agency has a records authority that pre-dates 2007, then it would be advisable for you to consider developing a new records authority.

Contact us before beginning your agency’s review for initial advice and guidance on the best approach. We will provide you with ‘Reviewing a records authority’ pack to assist you with this process. The pack includes:

  • Gap analysis template
  • Amending an existing core business template
  • Instruction on amending an existing core business
  • Records Authority Review start-up meeting preparation template
  • Retained as national archives (RNA) checklist
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