Preparing records for transfer

Please ensure each group of records for transfer:

  • Belong to the same agency recordkeeping system or to the same Archives registered series.
  • Have the same security classification. For digital records this must be unclassified.
  • Are in record number (control symbol) order.

Physical records for transfer

Records should be packaged in archival quality boxes, labelled and transported in accordance with Archives' guidelines. Check that entry details in item lists match the physical item and its box/container location.

Your Archives transfer officer may wish to inspect the records before you deliver them to us.

Transferring digital records:

  • Digital records must be unclassified for us to accept the transfer.
  • the Archives allocates barcodes to the digital records ourselves during the ingest processing.
  • Digital records should be on portable media, such as USB flash drives or portable hard drives.
  • Material on optical media such as CDs or DVDs should be migrated to an external hard drive for transfer.
  • The item list must include the file path of each digital record contained on the carrier media being used to transfer the records. We are unable to process a digital transfer if the correct file path is not provided for each digital record.

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